Way too much time and money has been spent on this stupid shit. One year jail time for speeding around the Manhattan loop is asinine. This country loves locking people up for MINOR things and getting paid. Fuck the police. Again. Fuck the police. You think this is a wise way to spend funds and he REALLY deserves a… » 12/11/14 1:31pm 12/11/14 1:31pm

The wife DDs a SHO. This was her first and only complaint she has had. Mytouch blows and is the bane of her existence. Thankful I don't use it daily. It's great that they are changing it, but what about us poor bastards who dropped 45k recently? I know, I know, of course they are going to offer that but it sucks none… » 12/11/14 1:27pm 12/11/14 1:27pm